Why Choose Us?

We Work Hard to Provide You with a Unique Orthodontic Experience:  

  • Straight Smiles - Why Choose UsTechnology.  Dr. Pasquale is proud to introduce 3D Scanning technology to Orthodontic patients in the Niagara Peninsula.  We use the iTero Dental Scanner to create virtual 3D models of your teeth instead of traditional dental moulds/impressions.  The process of getting Braces and Invisalign just got easier!
  • Doctor Time.  Dr. Pasquale personally bonds and adjusts the braces himself.  He does not delegate these critical procedures and takes the time to personally care for his patients at every visit.
  • Experience.  Prior to moving back home to St. Catharines, Dr. Pasquale spent many years working in a large hospital-based orthodontic practice in the U.S. where he treated thousands of complicated orthodontic and surgical cases.
  • Teamwork.  Dr. Pasquale believes that in order to get the best result possible there needs to be excellent communication between all parties.  We will send progress letters, call and even meet with your family dentist to develop a team-based approach to your orthodontic care.
  • Affordability.  Flexible payment plans and 0% Financing are available. We will work hard to make braces and Invisalign affordable for everyone.
  • Convenience.  Our office hours cater to busy families: Early mornings and evenings appointments are available!
  • Privacy.  Your treatment will not take place in a noisy open treatment area with other patients beside you.  We have private treatment rooms for children and adults.
  • Fun.  We strive to make each appointment the highlight of your day!
  • On-Site Dental Lab.  Our full-service lab ensures your Orthodontic appliances are made to Dr. Pasquale’s exact specifications and with a quick turnaround time if needed.